Planning a new landscape on your Mid Canterbury property is an exciting time! And it’s easy to get carried away with the big dreams of garden parties, barbecues, pool parties or a simple glass of wine on the patio at sunset.

Before you can realise those outdoor living dreams, though, there’s a lot of serious planning, budgeting and work to be done. To get you moving in the right direction, here are five questions you should ask yourself while planning your landscape.

How Will You Be Using Your Outdoor Living Space?

This is the most basic question you’ll need to ask yourself. Whether you’re an all-seasons outdoor entertainer, a serious grillmaster who cleans the supermarket out of meat every week, or all about relaxation in the backyard, you’ll want to tailor your landscape design to suit.

How you plan to use your outdoor living could mean a dramatically different landscape design — or a beautiful combination of many factors you’ll enjoy for years to come.

What Challenges Does Your Site Present?

Is your property on a steep hill, prone to erosion? Do you have a small lot? Is your property’s soil rocky or otherwise difficult? Is your backyard shady throughout the day?

These detractors — and other challenges your site may present — rarely mean you have no options. Rather, you’ll need to make the most of your property’s limitations and find workaround strategies that maximise the good things about your site.

What Opportunities Does Your Site Present?

No site is without its wonderful qualities: a collection of heirloom rosebushes, exceptional soil quality or rolling expanses of lush, green turf.

Just as you think carefully through your property’s challenges, be sure to consider the opportunities there as well! As you work around the pitfalls of your site, you should also be thinking about how to play up your site’s best parts.

What’s Your Landscape Design Budget?

You knew this question was coming. Budget is one of the biggest planning considerations you’ll need to make before undertaking a new landscape design. Even if you have a smaller budget or need to work in chunks to afford the investment into a new landscape, you don’t need to forego the project entirely!

Once you have a number in mind, talk with your landscape designer about where to start and how to invest whatever amount of money you have. You may be surprised at how much you can accomplish!

What’s Your Landscape Maintenance Budget?

Are you a DIY-er, ready to throw on your grubby clothes in your spare moments to tackle weeds, mowing and other landscape tasks? Or are you hoping to hire a landscaper to take care of the upkeep for you?

Maybe you fall somewhere in between. But your investment doesn’t stop once the landscape installation crew leave your property — keeping your landscape looking as beautiful as it grows and matures as the day it was installed is a continued investment in itself.

And don’t just consider how much money you’re willing to spend: Time is money, too! Think about how you’d most prefer to spend that valuable time, whether it’s out in the backyard, enjoying a little relaxation with your spouse or family, or something else.

Ready to get started?

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