Change can be difficult, but it’s often necessary. As landscapers in Mid Canterbury we often consult with property owners about their thoughts on change for their landscape. Some of them are thrilled at the idea of completely transforming their landscape but others can seem a bit reluctant, like they are waiting for us to give them just the slightest excuse or hope to keep things the way they are. There may be signs that it’s time for an overhaul of your landscape. Your attitude about engaging in such project will often determine how obvious the signs are to you. Here’s your reality check.

7 Clues You May Need a New Landscape

1. Your Trees are Half of What They Used to Be

Was your tree planted close to other items without considering what they would grow into years from then? Have they been chopped back so bad that half of them remain, as they are pruned away from houses, other plants, wires, etc.?

2. Your Old Walkway and Patio Grew its Own Steps

Is that old concrete settling so much that you trip walking across them? When that old concrete settles and cracks, it’s not only ugly, it’s dangerous. And step away from the concrete patch…that’s just delaying the inevitable.

3. You’ve Gotten 25+ Years Out of It

Although trees, when planted properly and at the right location, can last for many decades in a landscape, shrubs often outgrow their locations. We often deal with replacing landscaping that is between 20-25 years. Plus, so many trends change and your old landscape may not be old as in “classic”, it may look old as in “out-dated”.

4. There’s Holes in Your Landscape

Have plants died? Is there a big gap in that old hedge or evergreen tree windbreak? Is there a grouping of 3 plants that now look more like 2 and a half plants because the snow of a few years ago broke one so badly it looks out of place?

5. Your Wall Needs a V8

Remember that old TV ad for V8 Juice that had people leaning off balance because they didn’t have what they needed? Well, you’re old leaning landscape wall doesn’t portray a very healthy landscape. There’s no way to fix it. You’ll need to start over.

6. Nature is Taking Revenge

Does it look like Mother Nature is choking the life out of your landscape? Have vines taken over, growing up trees and shrubs and up the side of structures? Have some invasive weeds squatted in areas of your landscape and aren’t leaving anytime soon unless you take action? Are plants riddled with insect and disease problems?

7. Your House is Shrinking

Did you used to be able to see windows at some spots and now only see half of them because the shrubs have grown over top of the sills regardless of how you prune them? Do you find yourself not being able to walk on your sidewalk or areas of your patio because the plants are growing over them despite your efforts to knock them back?

Depending how bad your situation is, you may have to remove some if not all of your landscaping. Whenever possible, our landscape designers like to keep plant material if it makes sense. Trees, if planted in good locations can sometimes be salvaged and plantings may be able to be configured around them. However, sometimes this isn’t the case and it is better served to start from scratch. Plantings of like sizes and ages tend to flow better aesthetically.

Don’t fret. Designing and installing a new landscape can be an exciting time. You can even correct prior landscape mistakes such as poor plant selection and placement. Using a landscape company with knowledgeable designers that understand also the landscape maintenance implications for plantings and hardscaping can save you time and aggravation in the decades to come afterwards. In fact, a carefully designed and installed landscape can add value to your property, make it more attractive to potential buyers later, and even make your property’s structures look more attractive as it complements with your new landscape.

If you are ready to discuss how we can help you and your landscape, please contact us.