Have you decided that now is the time to give your garden a spring clean or a makeover?
Not sure where to start?
Here at SmithScapes, we are more than happy to help you get started, but why not also try the following tips:

Draw your garden in a sketch

Drawing a rough sketch of your garden will help you visualise what space you have and what features can go where. Eg. Having a decking on the back of the house might be a fairly obvious idea, but building a shed, having a pond or water feature and having a pergola may take some different thoughts.

Collect magazine pictures

Seen something you like in a magazine? Cut it out and keep it. Create a scrap book of all your favourite items and looks and that way, we will be able to visualise what you want a lot easier.

Review online ideas

We think a great place to start is to check out our own online website for landscaping ideas, including seeing our latest landscape projects. There are however, lots of other websites which you can grab ideas from.


There are many great resources out there for getting some inspiration. Collect up the ideas and visually show them to us to help with transferring your visions into a reality. Let us help!