Almost all of us have children so we will be spending our time keeping them busy over the next few weeks. Today we have made a family of grass heads. Maybe if you could scrape together some supplies you would like to make one too and share your photos with us?

Here’s how we did it:

  • Cut the feet off some pantyhose.
  • Then fill up the pantyhose. Put the seeds in first (we’ve used grass seed, but you may just have to use what you have available.)
  • Fill with potting mix, sphagnum moss or dirt until it’s a suitable size to fit on top of your cup or jar.
  • Tie off the hose.

Optional extras:

  • Pinch the front and secure with a rubber band to create a nose.
  • Add decorations to personalise your head or cup or jar.

Fill up half of your glass or jar with water and place the head on top so the panty hose is hanging in the water. Place them on the window sill where it will get a lot of sun.

Give him a squirt with a little bit of water and check the cup has water every day and with a bit of luck it will be needing a haircut in no time.