One of the most enjoyed parts of property ownership is caring for a lawn. Whether you just enjoy an hour of fresh air with no interruptions each week, or if you spend hours each week making your lawn a work of impeccable lawn art, caring for your lawn yourself can be a worthwhile pursuit. People have varying degrees of success with DIY lawn care. Common issues can often be tackled by an informed property owner with satisfactory or better success. However, as a professional lawn care service, we often hear frustrations of lawn owners that cannot accomplish getting that beautiful lawn as easily as they had hoped. The reasons all vary, but here are some of the reasons people tell us they are fed up with their do-it-yourself lawn care:

“That stuff didn’t work.” Whether it’s treating for weeds, grubs, crabgrass, or surface insects, you want to make sure your money is well-spent. Unfortunately, unless you’ve done a fair amount of research, you may lean towards a recommendation of a product from your neighbour or the prettiest looking bottle or bag on the shelf. Often times the ones that win at the game of marketing come out on top of the DIY materials. Just because you purchase materials and apply them according to their directions, doesn’t mean they will be guaranteed. Saving some money with DIY lawn care means you take that risk.

“I don’t have the time.” Life is busy, and then weather can ruin our plans. We hear a lot of property owners frustrations about not being able to find the time to apply lawn care materials at their optimum time. What makes this particularly frustrating is when they find the time and it’s raining that day. That can delay that vital application for weeks until they’re freed up again.

“I think I went after the wrong thing.” If only there was “Brown Spot Control” that took care of every stress your lawn sees. Unfortunately, lawns can have all sorts of problems throughout the season. It could be chinch bugs, sod webworms, grubs, fertilizer burn, weed control damage, drought stress, soil pH issues, invasive grassy weeds with different color characteristics, weeds not controlled by your herbicide, Leaf Spot, Dollar Spot, Fusarium, Red Thread, Pythium Blight, and more! Without the proper identification of lawn problems, property owners begin a money and time-wasting guessing game.

“I think I killed my lawn.” Whether the wrong kind of weed control was used, it was applied at the wrong rate, application equipment wasn’t properly cleaned, maintained, or used, or it was applied at the incorrect time, we’ve seen lawn damage that has been inflicted by well-intentioned property owners. There’s nothing like the horror of killing large areas of your lawn in the middle of the year and then you and your neighbors looking at your dead lawn until you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars towards seeding your lawn in the fall.

“I can’t get it looking as good as you pros can.” Some property owners manage to get their lawns fairly free of weeds and manage some of the major issues with lawn care, but for whatever reason it doesn’t get quite as thick and green as they’d like and there seem to be too many problems with their lawn leading them to frustration and to a professional solution. They’re tired of the guessing game and trying to get it accomplished on a timely basis so they turn to a professional lawn care program to make sure their lawn is properly cared for.

We’re not saying you cannot have a beautiful lawn by doing it yourself. However, problems arise and your results aren’t guaranteed. If you would like to free up some time to do other things you enjoy, or would like to find a more convenient approach to caring for your lawn consider using an award-winning lawn care service. You may just find, like many others, that it’s comforting to trust a lawn care company with plenty of experience of caring for hundreds of lawns just like yours, and making them and keeping them beautiful. You may even find out that the cost isn’t even as much as you feared and that lawn care program options exist that can get you that dream landscape in a budget that works.

If you’d like help with your lawn care needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.