We all know what is going on the world at the moment but we wanted to touch base and let you know our position.

Landscaping is not considered an essential service and we want to be responsible kiwis, so we are staying at home.

The only exception that we could see to help you is if there is something that has happened and trees etc are causing an immediate danger to yourself or property or neighbours, particularly the elderly.

Dale is on call if you need us so please, if in doubt give us a call on 0274 203 815 and we will see what we can do.

We are planning on coming back with renewed energy once this has settled down – although we’ve downed tools, plants are still growing.

We urge you to please stay in touch with Dale regarding any work that you can see coming up. If we have a clear idea what needs to be done, we can have a plan to prioritise jobs and get to everyone as soon as we can.

Almost all of us have children so we will be spending our time keeping them busy over the next few weeks. Today we have made a family of grass heads. Maybe if you could scrape together some supplies you would like to make one too and share your photos with us?

See the instructions here.

We really appreciate your support and we look forward to returning to full capacity soon. Be kind and stay at home!

Dale, Whitney, Nathan, Mitchell and Ben