Blink and another Christmas is upon us.

A big thanks to you all for your support—we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’re all having a break away with our families around the South Island.

2017 has been another big year, a highlight of which was Whitney, Xanthe and I heading overseas in September. We were lucky enough to visit South Korea, Wales, Iceland, Munich and a few other places. Xanthe is now a well travelled (almost) 2 year old!

In October, I took some time off to follow my brothers while Riley competed in the World Jet Boat Marathon across the South Island. Getting 12th place out of 44 in the world first time out was a pretty impressive feat.

Although we’ve had some good hits of rain in the past week, the heat is still strong and ground is dry, with water restrictions being enforced by the Council. To make life easy, a number of our customers are opting for irrigation systems—drip line and pop-up lawn systems, so we’re getting pretty good at setting these up.

We’ve noticed a lot of lawns getting grass grub this year after the wet winter, so keep an eye out for wee holes in your lawn, or dead grass.

A big project we recently completed was the new Three Rivers Health —the new Allenton Medical Centre. The whole place looks great, and we used over 35 tonnes of stone of this job so just a couple of wheelbarrow fills.

We have already had people booking in work for February and March, so if you have something in the back of your head then sing out and get the ball rolling.

Have a great Christmas everyone!