New Garden Landscaping

Your new castle deserves great surroundings.

Every garden space has the potential to become a private sanctuary – you just need the right team to do it.

SmithScapes’ trusted and personalised service is delivered through consistency and a thorough knowledge of the products we use. Our team of skilled and experienced landscapers and horticulturists can enhance the presence of your property. A modest courtyard to the most ambitious of plans can be achieved from concept to completion.

Landscape design

The journey begins with an assessment of the garden space and an understanding of your lifestyle and home living environment. By following practical design principles, we’ll then seek to balance the elements of shape, materials and colour to create a timeless and future-focused garden design – one that not only looks fantastic, but that suits your lifestyle.

Landscape construction

Our execution of the design is equally as important as the design itself. Through implementation, we see it come to life, ensuring every detail achieves the intended effect. Our conscientious team will work seamlessly to bring the design to life with minimal disruption.

Garden maintenance

We are careful to design gardens that are easy to maintain, but longevity is vital. Clever maintenance tends to the form, health and shape of your plantings, while also keeping things neat and tidy. We’re here to help with a maintenance programme that sees your design grow more valuable and beautiful with age. Read more here (link to maintenance)

It’s always our aim to ensure all aspects of your needs and wishes are carefully considered and discussed when plans go from paper to soil. Ready to start the journey? Talk to us.