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Working together for a sustainable future. 

The Canterbury region has seen an increase in awareness of enhancing ecosystem-health, particularly within the agricultural and horticultural industries.

Plains Irrigators Limited have actively looked for means to participate in the promotion of this awareness and in supporting farmers and landowners through such changes. These changes will aim to satisfy Farm Environmental Plans (FEPs), Planting (Riparian) Management Plans and a number of other initiatives, under Environment Canterbury’s Land & Water Regional Plan.

Plains Irrigators have formed a collaborative partnership with SmithScapes, a local landscaping business. Using our GPS mapping data, expert advice on choice and location of plants and best approaches to planting maintenance, we will create a comprehensive Planting Management Plan.

The Planting Management Plan document will compliment Environment Canterbury’s Biodiversity Funding Application. Additionally, if planting projects fall under other eligibility criteria (see ECan’s Additional Sources of Funding), the Planting Management Plan will act as a supporting document for the chosen application(s).

The Planting Management Plan includes maps of project sites, property boundaries, location of waterways etc., together with specific details of proposed project actions and how the project will be monitored and maintained. We can provide this information and help advise you through your application.

Included in our information pack is a collation of information we feel may be of interest to you in enhancing biodiversity in your region. We have opened dialogue with those leading each of the initiatives included in the pack and can help put you through to them if you wish to find out more. We hope you find the information useful and any feedback will be greatly appreciated.



Why Choose Dale Smith?

We are a local landscaping business who can offer you the full package. 

With an experienced team on board, we can offer general day to day garden maintenance, farm packages such as laneways and entrance ways and also new projects, both new builds and established gardens that need a new lease of life. SmithScapes can look after all aspects of your next planting project, from the initial onsite consultation, design, plant selection, logistics and planting. In addition we can also provide follow up maintenance and spraying to get the most out of your planting. Our experience in large and small scale rural plantings mean we carry out the project using professional proven methods and use the right plants in the right place to achieve your desired result.

  • Waterways – planted to help filter run-off and erosion control
  • Waste areas – on-farm areas that are not economic to water or produce on
  • Fence lines & laneways – to provide shelter and help plant growth
  • Screen planting – planting of slightly higher growing species to hide sheds, ponds or houses
  • Entrance ways – create a grand entry to your farm showcasing your commitment to the environment’s ecosystem

With the correct plant selections, almost any area on your farm can be planted out, even if there is no water to site. We can layout and maintain gardens around rural homes and farm cottages as well as laying of lawn.


Benefits of Planting

  • Provides Shelter
  • Stabilizes waterways
  • Reduces soil loss
  • Stops erosion
  • Reduces stress on crops
  • Warmth for stock
  • Increases grass growth
  • Filters nutrient run off Screens sheds and effluent ponds
  • Encourages Bees
  • Planting projects are 100% tax free

It’s as easy as:

  • Pre-spray the area to be planted
  • Rip through the soil and fence the area
  • Plant the selected plants and mulch 6 weeks later – follow up with a release spray
  • Keep on top of predators to ensure plant growth

Ripping the area down to a depth of 500-600mm will allow air and water to get in. If available additional water will increase the plant survival rate.


What Plains Irrigators can offer

We are an industry leader in irrigation design and installation and are determined to be an industry leader in facilitating, enhancing and protecting the environment in relation to irrigation and farm management.

Plains Irrigators’ design engineer Ian Hutcheson, has a background in Ecology with an MSc obtained at Victoria University of Wellington. With his knowledge and passion for the environment, our data, and the client base to be able to make a difference on a regional scale, we have set upon an initiative aiming to enhance biodiversity on farm and reduce runoff into waterways.

Our experience in irrigation design can be translated into successful environmental design based on environmental goals and practices that will safeguard not just the industry but the land, water, and stock for future generations for the benefit of all New Zealand.

Environmental Focus

With a focus on Farm Environmental Plans (FEP) becoming central to future farming practices, Plains Irrigators Limited and SmithScapes have formed a partnership to help you set out your plan and achieve your environment goals.

Our key focus is on: 

  1. Farm Environment Plans and Planting Initiatives
  2. Planting Management Plans to compliment Biodiversity Funding Applications.

We can provide the data for your FEP and or funding applications e.g. mapping data and SmithScapes can provide the planting expertise and site maintenance.

If you would like to find out more contact Dale or Ian:

Dale Smith
P 03 308 5076
M 027 420 3815

Ian Hutcheson (MSc) in Ecology
Irrigation Design
P 03 307 2027
M 027 497 0313

Planting Initiative Download

Click here to download the full Planting Initiative PDF