With the Mid Canterbury spring in full flow, we thought it would be a good time to share some tips for preparing your lawn for the summer months.


This really should begin in Autumn, after the warm Summer months, to begin the removal of all the decaying plant material that has gathered on the lawn. In order to thatch the lawn, you can simply run a rake over the lawn just pulling some of the dead matter away gently. You can then repeat this process at the beginning of Spring to help sunlight get to the grass and for water to be able to get deep into the roots.


Another common process that golf courses will use frequently, due to the high traffic, is aeration. Aerating the lawn allows the soil to breathe and for nutrients and water to get into the ground. It also allows your grass to breathe.


You should apply a nitrogen rich fertiliser at least twice a year during the Spring months and in Late Summer to encourage grass growth.

Watering / Irrigation

It is important that you apply a heavy drenching of water to your lawn at least once a week. Apply during the early morning or early evening to maximise the result. If you water frequently and briefly, this will encourage unfavourable shallow root growth and make for a weak lawn. A good drenching once a week encourages strong, deep root growth. Consider investing in an automatic irrigation system.


In order to repair any patches that have formed over Winter or from wear and tear and to help restrict weed growth, you should overseed the lawn. This can be done by creating a soil and seed mix and raking with the back of the rake gently into any bare patches. This will help with a thick, weed free lawn.

Mowing The Lawn

Mow the lawn regularly in the Spring months to encourage a strong root system. Begin to increase the blade height as you get closer to Summer to protect the base of the grass and help retain moisture in the soil.


Follow these simple tips to have a Summer lawn that all your neighbours will be envious of. For more information about this article or if you would like some gardening help, please contact us.