What a warm and sunny autumn we had!

In some ways it’s perfect for keeping the summer vibe continuing, but it can certainly keep us busy too. We’re finding the growth in the gardens we look after pretty crazy this year – some shrubs that are usually only trimmed twice are now getting their fourth trim, and since Christmas some places have had at least 400mm of growth on hedges.

Something we love about the warmth we’ve been experiencing is how great it is for laying lawn. We’re getting a good strike within 14 days using seed lawn and hydro lawn (we’ll explain more in a later newsletter!). This season we’ve laid a lot of lawn – we’ve got the right tools for the job which helps. With our tractor and loader, rotary hoe and stone burier and plenty of man power, we’re kitted out to tackle any job.

A lot of people are currently installing pop-up irrigation in old and new lawns to make it easier to keep their gardens looking good with a little maintenance.

We’ve noticed a few more disease and pest issues this year because of the warm and no frosts killing any nasty things off. The worst culprit would be aphids as they love a bit of dew and warmth. We have a few options for keeping on top of these – and it’s best to get on top of it sooner rather than later. Get in touch if you notice anything and we’ll be there to help.

Some people assume that we go into a quiet period over winter, but that isn’t exactly true! Winter carries on being just as busy for us, and our clients’ gardens. Some of the things we take care of over winter:

  1. Winter tidy up – trimming of shrubs and roses
  2. Putting down compost, mulch or pea straw
  3. Planting – we get involved a wide variety of planting over winter – specimen trees of many different sizes (some up to 5m high). and shelter planting (hedging and natives)
  4. On wet days we build timber raised gardens for clients as these are great for growing vegetables. We can build one to fit any space on your property.

So, winter is far for quiet, unless it snows – which if that happens we’ll be taking the opportunity to sit by the fire and spend time with our families.

Speaking of families, everyone’s doing well!
Xanthe is now five months old and isn’t causing too many problems for Mum and Dad.
She was the most popular part of our last newsletter so due to high demand here she is again!