We hope everyone has managed to keep themselves entertained, hasn’t indulged too much over the lockdown and your bathroom scales are being kind to you.

In the Smith house we have had the kids to keep us busy with baking, walks and bike rides, plenty of sandpit time and colouring in.

Dale celebrated his birthday while in lockdown and has spent time with his presents – a beer brewing kit and a meat smoker.

You may have seen our grass heads in our last newsletter, so here is an updated photo of them above.


Alert Level 3 begins Tuesday

In accordance with the restrictions on being in Alert Level 3, we are preparing to get back on the tools while keeping everyone’s safety and wellbeing in mind. This is how we’ll operate:

  • Our team and our family members have been completely symptom free and will act quickly if any of us show signs of sickness.
  • We will be keeping records to allow for contact tracing should this be required.
  • We will be socially distancing in the workplace as well as keeping to our family bubbles as much as possible.
  • We have stocked up on hand sanitiser and plan to keep ourselves, tools and vehicles as clean as possible.
  • As far as dealing with you, our customers, we think that being “contactless” should be relatively easy to achieve by everyone maintaining their distance. Please respect the space around our staff as we try to make this work.
  • If you would prefer we stay away until the alert levels have reduced further, please let us know.

If you have anything you need to discuss with us, please just call or text Dale on 0274 20 38 15 even if he is onsite.

If you’re having trouble getting a hold of him you can email him at dale@smithscapes.co.nz or if urgent contact Whitney on 0276 323 955 or office@smithscapes.co.nz


The road ahead

We will pick up where we left off as far as our list of jobs is concerned and will get to you as soon as possible. Again, if you have anything urgent please let us know. Initially we will be focused on catching up on maintenance and projects already in progress as quickly as we can and will be putting that ahead of starting any major projects until we have things under control.

If you already have plants on order with us please do not panic as these orders are on hold with our suppliers and they are being cared for. If you are thinking you may require plants in the near future please let us know ASAP as the supply chain has been interrupted by lockdown and stocks of some plants or grades may be low. The more time our suppliers have to prepare the better!


Innovation and Sustainability

At SmithScapes we like to look at new products that can make our jobs easier or be better for the environment. One area that we have always thought there was room for improvement was the guards we place around plants for protection. Traditionally this is a plastic wrap and while it does the job, once the plant has grown we have to remove it – provided it hasn’t already blown away into the unknown.
We are very keen to start using an alternative product which is made from cardboard pulp. It is basically a cardboard surround that gets secured around the plant using one bamboo cane. The guard protects the plant in its early stages from weather and pests but its main feature is that it does not need to be removed and will break down naturally as the plant matures.

Understandably this product does come with a slight price increase compared to the plastic but we feel this initial cost would easily be balanced out by us not having to return to remove plastic and also the benefit to the environment. We did a small trial at the beginning of the summer and have been impressed with its performance. We would like to know your thoughts and whether you like to hear more about this product.



We’re really looking forward to getting back to work and slowly back to some sense of normality. As always, thanks so much for your support.

Team SmithScapes