Our 11th year – and our busiest year yet.

Over the last four months we have poked men in all parts of the district. We have powered through so much work, and we have been fortunate enough over the summer period to take on a few students to help – which has taken the team to SIX on the tools. Whitney has been keeping on top of the paperwork, even having a nudge at the quotes too.

With record-breaking staff levels, Nathan and Mitchell have stepped up and led the team where needed, or taken on jobs themselves. Sometimes it may look like chaos but I’m sure I had it under control all along.

Without the team and Whitney, we would be nothing – I appreciate them so much! They deserve a good break over Christmas with their families.










This season, hedges seem to have a lot of good growth. Lawn laying was major this season with the help of the little orange tractor. Recently we have worked on a couple of major revamps, and planting has continued right through to this week, with a couple of new places completely planted and mulched before the house was even completed. New Commercial buildings have been taken on lately too – you’ll see us working away if you pass through places like the Industrial Estate.

Spraying this year did cause a few headaches with what felt like six months of wind – in some places blowing seed and topsoil completely offsite. Thankfully we can wrangle the conditions where we can and get the job done within Mother Nature’s strict timeframes.

Next year there is a good pile of work on the whiteboard already, which we are excited to tackle after the break. If you need us for a certain job for a certain time let me know as we want to keep all of you happy.

Over Christmas we are away camping to the family site at Woodend Beach. It will be interesting to see how our family of (now) four will go in a tent. Plenty of eating, swimming and different beers will see us through.

A reminder: make sure to keep the watering up when you’re at home. Your lawn and plants will thank you for it!

As we look back at the year, we’d like to thank you all for helping shape our business. Thanks for your support! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

Ho Ho Ho I’m off to clean the chimney for Santa.