I think we could say hopefully now that winter has arrived – it’s been a good season as you all would know. Right now we have stockpiled the firewood ready for a chilly winter, which we are already seeing the effects of. Hoping you’re all keep warm out there!

Lawns have had their final cut and should sit well for a bit. Some of the lawns we have noticed are bad for thatch or dead grass which happens over the year. We do suggest a de-thatch every year or 18 months, which is great to help the lawn’s health. You will notice a great improvement over time—it does look bad at first though. We can also spray, fertilise and lay new lawns.

With the season being mild and wet we have noticed a lot of disease this year—thrips being one that has had a busy years, hard to control once arrived.

Thrips are tiny, long slim insects usually black as adults but pale in younger stages. There are many different species and they can look quite different depending on species and stage of development. They infest and damage the foliage and flowers of many ornamental plants, vegetables & fruit crops.

With Thrips you get leaf twisting and silvering leaves and flower thrips will cause discolouration and marking of flower petals. They usually feed along the mid-vein area of the leaf. Thrips are likely to be a problem in a warm dry, sheltered environment.


We have been traveling around a bit with jobs as far afield as Rangiora doing native planting. We have also been up on the banks of Waimak planting for the Canterbury Plains water.

We are looking forward to getting into a large amount of planting to do this winter already with over 10,000 pre-ordered so that will keep us busy and warm.

Winter is a good time to get all that pruning done ready for spring, I am a fan if you haven’t noticed of a good hard prune, especially on roses and fruit trees. No point having growth that you can’t reach.


The team had a mini race series on the Waimak and Rakaia in April. With a 2nd place on the Rakaia and a hard day racing on the Waimak with it being very full and dirty. This is the new race boat that is a much better colour too.


In other news, the SmithScapes team is growing later this year… baby number two for Whitney and I will arrive in November! Xanthe is looking forward to being a big sister.
Talk soon,