Firstly, a little update on the family – Declan has grown twice Xanthe’s size when she was his age, so the two of them will be ready to take over the business in 2032.

Secondly, we have made the big decision and have grown the team of landscapers.

Welcome Ben!

11 years ago I would never have imagined that we would get to this size, and have the demand for an even bigger team. A lot of customers out there have been there from the start and that is amazing – I do appreciate it. Even with the size and quantity of jobs that we are now taking care of, I still love the lawn mowing and rose pruning. We will never forget where it all started.

Maintaining your landscape

Grass grub is bad at the moment, and prevention is better than a cure. A smelly prill can be applied to your lawn, or you can wait for the lawn to be ripped apart by birds wanting to eat the grub.

It’s also a good time to mulch the gardens – get in touch if you are wanting a Winter tidy up, or if you’re ready to start thinking about Spring.

Upcoming projects

We are working on a farm conversion with new houses and all sorts. Scott (one of my brothers) is coordinating the earthworks and we are doing the landscaping, so it is fun to have that to talk about around the table when Dad is at the BBQ.

Darfield Four Square

The biggest job we have ever taken on is for McIntosh Group who are managing the build for the new-build Four Square in Darfield. The plants are all signed up as contractor grown and the number for this single job is close to 2000 plants and 2500m2 of lawn – the average section has 120m2 of lawn so it’s quite a large project!

New World Ashburton

You may have noticed a change in the landscaping around New World. We removed 3.5 tonnes of rubbish, then upgraded the gardens with new plants and over 53 tonnes of new stone, all of which is easy care with weed mat underneath. Once a year we’ll trim the plants and visit once a month to spray the gardens.

We’re proud to sponsor the Ashburton College/Mt Hutt Combined Girls 1st XV Rugby team. There are some Smiths in the team – keep an eye out for the new jersey with our name on it.

If there’s anything we can help you with or if you just want to consider your options for your landscape, please get in touch. Keep warm out there!