Winter has passed with little stress over the weather – we only had to take one day off due to unsafe conditions, which means we fared much better than previous years.

This helped us keep on top of winter pruning which went well. A period of large growth occurred last year so some of the usual pruning was more intensive than usual.

Roses were late this year as they dealt with such a mild start and, in some places, they were still flowering in June. One garden we pruned had over 240 roses that we also sprayed.

Speaking of, I wouldn’t be surprised if aphids and mites are bad this year with the mild winter and the moist conditions in the last week with the new growth. Preventing is much easier than trying to fix the problem, so please let us know if we can assist.

Winter planting was big this year – a lot of shelter planting going back in, waterway planting and wasteland planting. Natives were the trend, but pines were popular too.



The biggest day of planting was 2400 in six hours, so we celebrated the achievement by attending a supplier night for one of the farming groups we look after. They put on a feed and some beers for their suppliers, and of course the four lads from SmithScapes were there. We appreciated the invitation!






We also did more willow planting on the banks of the Rakaia River, hence the superb photo below that I took on the drive in.

The new Darfield Four Square opened, and we managed to lay their lawn 17 hours before the official opening, despite working in mud after a poorly timed weekend of rain.

It was a large job for us, but we managed to keep up with what was needed thanks to the smooth coordination by the project managers and foremen who kept us well informed. The locals were very excited about the opening day.











Looking into my crystal ball I can see we will be keeping on top of weeds, the hedge trimmers will be working overtime, and a few new gardens are coming onboard. We’ll also be spraying the new plants to keep them looking beautiful, working on a few paving jobs, and caring for your lawns.

We offer a full suite of services to get your lawn looking perfectly manicured – from a basic mow or spray to a new lawn. We have a tractor with rotadairon, levelling bar and rollers to get that perfect platform for your landscape to thrive. We also install complete irrigation systems with popup sprinklers.




For the larger lawn, spring is a great time for dethatching – I know I do go on about it but it is one of the best things for a lawn – mine is only three years old and I still do it yearly. It removes old grass and generates new growth.

Mitchell’s knowledge on lawn care is unrivalled so if you have any questions please let us know.






We know you all enjoy an update on the kids! Declan is now twice the weight Xanthe was at his current age and eats anything and everything – a new prop in the making. Xanthe has started to show an interest in the vegetable garden and pink flowers. I think the vege garden interest may have something to do with eating strawberries and playing with the hose.

We hope this newsletter finds you well – look forward to catching up soon.