I feel that the winter conditions have now passed after that last little cold snap hit. Pretty good winter for us really – only two days where we had to “down tools” because of rain…. although as some of you will be aware it does take extreme conditions for us to take the day off!

With a dry winter, we might expect a drier-than-normal summer. Of course, this means attention needs to be paid to your garden to ensure that things are able to grow. Get in touch if you are worried – there are ways we can help. We can even put pop-up irrigation in your lawn to save you lugging around the hose.

Speaking of lawns they have kicked back into growing mode. We are currently laying seed lawns but have laid plenty of readylawn throughout the winter. Lawn maintenance tasks include dethatching – which is running a machine over the lawn which rips out old grass and rubbish. It thins out all the bad bits which is a great way to promote new growth. Once we have raked up the thatch we then mow at a very low level and fertilise. Within four weeks a real change occurs -lovely green fresh growth. We pulled up over 400kg of thatch of one lawn we did in Ashburton, and now it’s looking much better.

Other projects over the last few months have included:

  1. Planting farm shelters – 1000s of trees going in the ground, although we also take a bit of time out to admire the impressive views around us.
  2. Laying some small paved areas to tidy up damp areas.
  3. We’ve finished our winter pruning now. Keep an eye on your roses for signs of aphids as the warm conditions come in. Let me know if we can help!
  4. As I write this we’ve just finished laying lawns at a newly converted farm which also has had a lot of planting done, and built a raised vege garden. Always plenty of variety here with us.

Baby Xanthe is going well, crawling all over the place with a big grin on her face. Whitney is busy with a lot of Health and Safety planning for the business and sewing curtains and a variety of clothing.
Mitchell has baby number two arriving in January. How exciting!
Nathan and family are doing great too, although I feel that he enjoys coming to work so he has some time to escape 🙂

’til next time!