With winter approaching it’s a great time to think about sprucing up your outdoor space in preparation for summer. If you’ve had the same landscape for years, maybe it’s time to inject some life into the outdoor areas where you entertain and relax.

Landscape experts have their eyes on some hot trends for 2015. Consider one — or a few — to add some style to your landscape.


Landscape Trend #1: Edible Gardenssilverbeet

Separating flowers from vegetables in your garden is so yesterday. The latest trend is blended gardens that incorporate edibles and ornamentals together. These double-duty gardens offer a bountiful harvest of fruit, vegetables and herbs while providing intriguing, energised beds.

Tuck tomato plants in with your roses. Plant a drift of “Bright Lights” silverbeet — as pretty as any blooming perennial.

Mix asparagus or some raspberry bushes into your cutting garden. And chili peppers? They’re hotter than ever. Before they end up in your salsa recipe, they’re pretty little ornaments to spice up your garden.


Landscape Trend #2:  Birds, Butterflies And Bees

More and more gardeners are installing plants that attract butterflies, birds and bees, especially since news has spread of the dwindling bee population.

ID-100153256Here in Mid Canterbury, lots of plants will draw these winged critters to your yard.

Plant wild basil to invite butterflies — it’s one of their favorite nectar plants. Violets are many butterflies’ top choice for a host plant — plants they lay eggs on that will feed the caterpillars when they hatch.

Plant manuka and kanuka, hebes, rata and pohutukawa to attract native bees.

Don’t forget water. Try a bird bath or a mini pond in a basin. Birds prefer shallow water, so keep the depth to three inches or less.


Landscape Trend #3: The Soothing Sound Of Water

Water features are more popular than ever, from fountains to water walls to serene ponds.

The sound of water is soothing after a hectic day at work. It masks distracting sounds, like traffic in front of your house, or the neighbour’s kids’ water balloon battles. It attracts birds and butterflies who love to sip and splash in the water.

There’s a water feature for every landscape and every budget.


Landscape Trend #4: Outdoor Rooms and Kitchens

GID-100166733one are the days of rickety lawn chairs on a flat concrete patio. Your outdoor space can be as comfy and welcoming as your indoor rooms.

New outdoor fabrics, made from acrylic fibres for fade-resistant, waterproof wear, are available in more patterns than ever, rivalling indoor fabric choices for trend-setting beauty. Use them on comfortable outdoor furniture that mimics living room luxury.

Outdoor kitchens now offer all the handy features of indoor kitchens. And more! Sprawling stone counters as far as the eye can see, fancy mosquito-control misters, outdoor air-cooling systems and shiny appliances that make your indoor kitchen look like Barbie’s.

Add a cosy fireplace, and your outdoor living space will be the most popular space at your house.


Landscape Trend #5: Planting for Privacy

The outside world keeps getting busier and more hectic. All the more reason to create a private outdoor oasis at home. That means planting for privacy.

This can be as simple as a collection of container plants on the deck or a fence covered in a climber plant.

Buxus creates a nice solid hedge. Or create a natural screen with a mix of trees, shrubs and perennials.


Landscape Trend #6: Native Plants

There’s a definite movement toward native plants, and the team at SmithScapes love this. It makes sense. Plants that have adapted to your area will grow well there and look good in your garden, without a lot of special attention.

Try Cordyline Australis (Cabbage tree). An excellent plant for landscaping, suitable for group or specimen planting. It has creamy and fragrant flowers in late spring to summer and grows in a wide range of conditions.

Psuedopanax crassifolium (Lancewood / Horoeka). Stunning round headed tree with a straight,clean trunk when mature. Hardy and wind resistant. Long juvenile phase with decending dark green leaves.

Pseudopanax discolour- A great compact low growing shrub, leaves are a deep bronze with colour intensifying in winter.


Landscape Trend #7: The Well-Lit Garden

outdoor-lighting-ideasWhen you have a beautiful landscape, it’s tough to leave it once darkness falls. And why should you?

Customised outdoor lighting can highlight your garden, pool, walkways, entry way and more.

The right lighting not only keeps you safe from tripping on your garden path, it adds a warm, welcoming ambiance and a touch of class.

Imagine an evening stroll through your garden, led by a luminous glow. Some fixtures cast light on the path while others nestle in the garden bed, highlighting your most striking plants.

With the right lighting, the play of light and shadow can give your favourite plant beauties an entirely new look.

SmithScapes knows Landscape Trends

SmithScapes has been creating a wide variety of eye-catching landscapes for years. Our expert landscape designers can offer great advice on planning and installing any of the latest landscape trends.

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Don’t let this year’s hot trends pass you by.