January – Great time of the year to complete those garden projects that have slipped up over the festive season. It is a crucial time to apply mulch to keep as much moisture in the soil as possible.

February – This month, when water levels in creeks are low, it is a great time to plant riparian strips. Where possible and available, keep water up to gardens and lawns over the heat of these summer months.

March/April – In these months it is ideal to get that general garden maintenance done before the cooler winter months settle in. Tidy up any odds and ends, and ensure if you are planning on planting new lawn, this is the last month to lay, to get ideal striking from the seed. For those dairy farmers, it is time to book your farm tidy up prior to Gypsy day.

May – Start planning your winter maintenance and finish the last garden tidy up before it gets fresh. Apply fresh pea straw to help keep your garden weed free, and fertilise your lawns to stimulate autumn growth. Remember to order any fruit trees and roses for the new season. For those dairy farmers, it is time to book your farm tidy up prior to Gypsy day.

June/July – It may be cold, but now is the time to plan any garden changes for Spring. Keep in mind veggie gardens for next summer – perhaps even raising your current veggie garden for ease of use? Prune your roses and fruit trees and spray where necessary, and apply mulch or compost to existing gardens.

August – Need your lawns mowed on a frequent basis? Book us in now for weekly or fortnightly visits. It is also a great time to dethatch and feed any existing lawns.

September – For those new projects or new homes, September is the time to start laying new lawns and landscaping your homes. Talk to us to help plan your outdoor areas to maximise your available space.

October – Do you have family coming for Christmas? Need your gardens to be looking pristine? Be sure to get in touch and book now for your Christmas tidy up to ensure you don’t miss out and have to add gardening into your busy festive season schedule.

November/December – In these months it is important to maintain general garden maintenance, prune large shrubs and any box hedges to shape. To ensure summer growth, spray your lawn to get rid of any unwanted weed.

March/April are the best months to plant your lawn. These months still provide enough warmth to allow the seed to strike to its capacity, while not being too hot or cold. After Winter, August is when you can start laying new lawn.

Yes, we do use chemicals. However, we will only use where necessary (eg spraying roses, farm fence lines etc) and we are very cautious, using all safety equipment required.

You are more than welcome to provide us with either a hand drawn or architecturally drawn plan if you require. However, we are trained and skilled in this area and can provide you with a plan of what we feel is required for your outdoor area. If you are building a new house or office and require architecturally drawn plans, we work closely with a local firm and can provide this for you. If you are more than happy to follow our lead, we will jump in and start the project without drawn plans.
No, SmithScapes can source and supply all materials needed for the project. If you had access to, and did want to supply parts of the project, that is also not a problem.
Yes, SmithScapes have regular garden maintenance options. Over summer, days are spent in certain areas to cater for the regular maintenance. Lawn mowing, pruning, wedding, etc is all apart of the available service.
Yes, SmithScapes are more than happy to work in with you to meet and discuss a project.
Yes, SmithScapes have a motorkbike which makes regular quick fence line spraying a breeze.