Beautiful landscapes without lifting a finger.

The best gardens are established and well-maintained. It will take time, patience and professional upkeep from skilled landscape gardeners to ensure the full potential of your garden is realised. The maintenance that a landscape requires depends on a variety of inputs, such as size, the weather and the types of plants used.

Often considered by people as an unwelcome chore, everyday garden maintenance and landscaping can add another layer of stress to already busy lives. SmithScapes has the expert knowledge to make sure your outdoor space is not simply considered another burden on your to-do list.

Maintaining a landscape is hard work and not everyone has the time or the energy for the task.

Whether it be for a rental inspection, garden party, moving or selling a home, or just a treat for yourself, our garden cleanup services can bring back the beauty and glory of your garden.

Correct hedge trimming is about much more than just shape. Tapering will ensure a good distribution of sunlight, and good pruning will keep growth even.
Techniques, seasons and frequency depend on your species of plant – if done incorrectly, your hedge might become stressed or damaged.
Our landscapers have a keen eye for detail which allows them to shape and care for your plants.
Lawns are usually one of the largest elements in a landscape and they play a significant part in its overall beauty.
We go the extra mile to keep lawns looking lush by:

  • Edging the border of the lawn
  • Mowing the lawn and alternating the mowing pattern to avoid creating strips or ruts
  • Removing grass clippings and leaves
  • Fertilising
  • Dethatching when it needs it
  • Aerating once or twice a year.
As we maintain your landscape, we make it a point to always be watching for signs of invasive weeds, fungi and other diseases, as well as pests.

When we see a problem, we’ll take steps to care for it before it spreads and damages more of the landscape.

Weeds are no less persistent and dangerous than pests and diseases. They’re never a welcome sight!

SmithScapes can rid your lawns and gardens of weeds and implement the right weed control plan that suits you. Whether it’s mulching, weed mats, spraying or using non-chemical alternatives, we will make sure your garden is healthy, weed-free and low-maintenance.

Watering your garden sounds like it should be fairly simple. But the reality is that every garden has different needs based on the area you live in, the type and species of plants you have, and even the condition of the soil.
We understand how the water should be distributed around your landscape and can design the best watering system for your needs. With fixed and automated systems, you can even set and forget – letting your garden flourish without the effort of lugging around a hose.

From the smallest courtyard through to the grandest home, farm or commercial property anywhere in Mid Canterbury, we are passionate about gardens of all shapes, sizes, styles and maturity. In trusting SmithScapes with your maintenance, you can be assured that your investment is being nurtured, protected and cared for by the right people.

Talk to us about maintaining your landscape.